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Frequently Asked Questions on how this all works  

hat is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that is attached to your company website.  Someone can look at your website and listen to additional information about you at the same time. Podcasts are syndicated programs that are available for download at anytime. They can be listened to on a variety of electronic devices: computers, iPods, some mobile phones, and MP3 players. A podcast can be listened to where and when your customer wants, during their visit to your website or through iTunes.  In the car, at work, the gym, home, anywhere. Your podcast goes wherever your customer goes.

Why add a podcast to my website?

A podcast brings information, your personality and the feeling of your business to the site.  With a podcast, you get to tell potential customers what makes you different.

What is the interview format? What questions do you ask?

We have worked up a very simple question and answer script based on research with dealers, customizers and suppliers. For dealers, as an example, we talk about how to choose a new motorcycle, whether new or used, trade-ins, extended warranties, and financing.  There are also scripts for your service and parts and accessories departments.  Sample scripts will be sent to you for your approval or modification. For the aftermarket suppliers and customizers, we talk with you to find out what you want to present and create a basic script which we send for your approval or modification.

What if I want to change the format?

No problem. Remember, this is your program. We send the sample format to you to customize for your business. What message do you want to get out?  You can add the special programs and services your shop has to offer. We do what you want and make it sound like you want.

How long is the podcast?
We have found that ten to fifteen minutes is the optimal length for podcasts, and put as much information as possible into that time.  We concentrate on bringing your personality and unique character to life while details can be found inside your store and on your website.

How long does it take to do a podcast?
The process itself has three components: 1) review and modification of the interview script, 2) the interview itself, and 3) review of the podcast and determination of any changes you would like to make. The time investment in steps 1 and 3 is up to you, but we have found that most businesses spend about two hours on those processes. The physical interview time is usually about one hour or less.

You’re in California, I’m in New York. How does that work?
Easy, you fly me out to New York.  Just kidding.  We have an excellent remote recording setup. The interview can be conducted via telephone or Skype. Skype is the preferred method. If you don’t have Skype (which is free software) we can help you get it and set it up. Skype runs through your computer. There are no long distance charges and the sound quality is very good.

How does someone get my podcast?
There are a variety of methods, but the two most common will be through your own website and Apple iTunes software.  The software is free, easy to use and pretty much everybody has it on their computer or mobile device. Through your site, potential customers simply click on a button and there you are. In iTunes, a quick search for motorcycles and there you are. So easy.  An additional benefit with iTunes is that your program can be subscribed to for free, and any new programs you put up will automatically be downloaded to a listener’s player.

How do I put my program on iTunes?
Not to worry, we do it for you. It’s all part of the package. We can also add pictures.  If someone is using a player with video capability, pictures of your business will show up on the screen. These pictures will coordinate with the audio. You will sound and look great!

What if I want to change the program occasionally?
That’s easy, and you should change your program on a regular basis. Seasonal changes, promotions and special events should be highlighted in your podcast. Web surfers are always looking for what’s new -- your new products, your new content, your new specials. Motoworld Media offers a number of options to create your custom podcast at a frequency that best meets your business needs

What does Motoworld Media provide?
We provide up to eight hours of production service, which includes pre-production research, script design, interview time, post production editing, a CD of the finished product, and a link sent to your web developer for uploading to your website.  We set you up in iTunes and monitor your success.


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